Illinois Retirement Division Articles

Get info about dividing retirement accounts in Illinois divorce. Topics covered include qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs); qualified Illinois domestic relations orders (QILDROs); valuation of retirement accounts such as pensions, 401ks and 403b; and other related topics. You can learn about how to get your money from a retirement account after a divorce, and what to do if there is as dispute about retirement accounts after you get divorced.

Disagree about QDRO Language?

What happens if you and your Ex disagree about the exact language to be used in a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO)? It happens when a marital settlement agreement (MSA) or judgment states that a QDRO will be entered after a divorce – but when a draft is produced by one side, the other disagrees. […] Read More

Dealing with SERS in an Illinois divorce

SERS is an acronym that stands for the State Employee Retirement System. If you are an employee of the State of Illinois, and you are interested in dividing an Illinois retirement plan pursuant to a divorce, then you are going to be dealing with SERS. The following information and forms are designed to assist members, […] Read More

What is a pension worth?

Determining the value of a pension can be difficult. On one hand, you could make a rough guess. But if you want to get a more scientific value for the sake a fairness, using an actuary is a good idea. What is an actuary? For the most part, an actuary is a person who is […] Read More


Have you heard you need a qualified domestic relations order, buy you don’t know what it is? See this FAQ. What is a qualified domestic relations order? A qualified domestic relations order is a special type of court order that allows a person getting divorced to remove retirement account funds, without early withdrawal penalty, to […] Read More